Opens March 17, 2020

Yellow Elephant Gallery invites artists to submit works for the upcoming exhibit “Culture & Identity”.

The cultures in which we are raised and spend our lives have a profound effect on us. Our language, our religion, our food and clothing, our traditions and rituals, our dominant patterns of living – all of these things provide the rules by which we live. Our culture – our way of life - shapes our perceptions, our prejudices, our principles. Culture is transmitted from one generation to the next through social practices, but identity is unique.


Identity – who we are – is formed in large part to our culture. Culture identifies the labels for groups we belong to. While culture is largely dictated by the family we are born into, identity is not determined by biology, but by who we choose to become and how we choose to interact with our society.


“Culture and Identity” seeks to examine how both impact the work of artists, and how both are expressed by artists through their work. Artists are invited to submit up to three original pieces of work that reflect the impact and importance of culture and identity in their lives and in their work. Work can be any representation of the influence, significance, and/or complex nature of culture and identity as it relates to the artist or his/her work.


The exhibit is open to all artists. All work must be original art related to the theme, completed within the last year, and not previously exhibited. Art can be any 2D or 3D medium including but not limited to photography, paint, sculpture, drawing, pottery, or video.



March 16, 2020: Submission Deadline

March 17, 2020: Opening Reception 5-7
April 4, 2020: Exhibit closes
April 11, 2020: Art pick up deadline


A non-refundable entry fee of $30 per piece is required from each artist at the time of submission. The fee applies to each piece submitted. Five dollars of each entry fee supports the Bourbonnais Park District World’s Fair.



Yellow Elephant Gallery (YEG) reserves the right to refuse any work which differs from the submitted images, that are inappropriate, or that do not reflect the theme of the exhibit. YEG is not liable for any claim for loss, theft or damage of any kind during transportation or exhibition. YEG will exercise usual care in handling. YEG cannot be responsible for minor wear resulting from normal handling.



The artist is responsible for door-to-door delivery and pick up of work. Late entries will not be accepted.



All work must be delivered ready for installation. No dimension of any work may exceed six feet. All sculptures exhibited must be able to be moved by two people. Any special handling instructions must accompany the piece in writing.


Artwork intended to be hung must be wired. Each entry must be clearly identified, where possible, on the bottom or back with artist’s name, title of work, dimensions, medium, and price. YEG reserves the right to reject work due to inadequate framing/ mounting or for security/public safety reasons.



Works shall be for sale and priced by the artist. YEG will retain 30% commission on all exhibit sales. Payment to artists will be made upon the closing of the exhibit.



Yellow Elephant Gallery is not responsible for work left 30 days beyond the close of the exhibit.